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provide you with support materials and tips for the major commercial grade Cash Registers if you don't find it here
we have some links to commercial cash register dealers
Sharp Cash Register Supplies

Sharp Cash Register supplies are like all cash register items becoming harder to find. Below is a list of cash register
companies that sell supplies Nationwide or at least in their local area.

Cash Register Paper from the Cash Register Guys

Cash Register Paper Rolls from POS and Cash registers

Cash Register Paper from National Business Systems, Inc.

Cash Register Ink Ribbons from the Cash Register Guys

Cash Register Ink Ribbons and Rollers from POS and Cash Registers

Cash Register Ink Roller and Ribbons from National Business Systems, Inc.
Sharp Cash Registers are some of the best in the world. The Sharp commercial grade machines are built very well
and we often encounter Sharp Cash Registers that are over ten years old still working just fine. Please don't
confuse commercial grade Sharp Registers with their line up of consumer grade registers. The consumer grade line
up models all begin with the letters XE and we do not recommend them nor support them. We support the
commercial grade line where model numbers will begin with ER or UP
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Sharp cash registers are no longer being made. We offer support and parts for
many of the models. If you need support for a fee call us at 1-800-863-2274
(please don't call us for free support)