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SAM4s Cash Register Manuals
SAM4s ER-150
SAM4s ER-150II  
SAM4s ER-285 Manual
SAM4s ER-290
SAM4s ER-350
SAM4s ER-350II
SAM4s ER-380
SAM4s ER-380M
SAM4s ER-390M
Samsung ER-550
SAM4s ER-600
SAM4s ER-650
SAM4s ER-650R
SAM4s ER-655
Samsung ER-4900
Samsung ER-4915
Samsung ER-4940
Samsung ER-5100
SAM4s ER-5115
SAM4s ER-5115II
SAM4s ER-5200
SAM4s ER-5200M
SAM4s ER-5215
SAM4s ER-5215M
SAM4s ER-5240
SAM4s ER-5240M
SAM4s SER-6500 OP Manual
SAM4s SER-6500 Programming
SAM4s SER-6500II OP Manual
SAM4s SER-6500II Programming
SAM4s SER-6540 OP Manual
SAM4s SER-6540 Programming
SAM4s SER-6540II OP Manual
SAM4s SER-6540II Programming
SAM4s SER-7000
SAM4s SER-7040
Miscellaneous SAM4s Cash Register Manuals
How are SAM4s Cash Registers and Samsung Cash Registers Related?
The way I understand it is that Samsung marketed cash registers for many years in the US and around the world.
However Samsung never made the cash registers they only private labeled them and they were made by an OEM.
About 5 years ago or more they decided they did not want to be in the Cash Register business any longer. When
Samsung left the Cash Register Business the company that had always made the cash registers decided to make
and market them on their own. I do not know the name of the company but the register brand name they came up
with is SAM4s.

SAM4s has been one of the most aggressive manufacturers that we are aware of. In most every case we
recommend SAM4s cash registers over any other brand. There are several reasons why. The first reason is
features, second is price, third is reasonably priced options, and lastly they seem to be the only register business
growing and improving model numbers opposed to the rest which seem to be stagnate or even retreating.
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